Sara Abdulrazak: why beauty salons need logistics too

Sara Abdulrazak, Managing Director of Sisters Beauty Lounge chain, explains the background behind appointing a logistics specialist to assist her business.

What are your expansion plans for Sisters?

We aim to be the leading beauty provider in the GCC and then internationally in the future.

Our plans are to expand through franchising whereby we would still operate our UAE branches and support our franchisees in all countries abroad to share the Sisters concept and strategy.

We have four branches now in Dubai and are planning to open our second Abu Dhabi location at the new St Regis Corniche in the third quarter of this year.

Sara Abdulrazak, Managing Director, Sisters beauty salons

Sara Abdulrazak, Managing Director, Sisters beauty salons

Our first franchise salon will be located in Kazakhstan. It will open around July in Astana and we plan to open a further three franchises internationally by 2014.

How complex is your product supply situation?

It is not very complex – it just needs consistent ordering/deliveries as our consumables are used very frequently throughout the day (disposables etc). Of course we use natural/organic products which tend to expire fast. All our products need to be stored and transported in temperature-controlled surroundings as well.

What prompted you to consider a centralized logistics solution?

As we expanded from two branches to five we created a central warehouse at our head office to prevent surplus orders at the individual branches and stock wastage. We cut down on costs and improved efficiency by controlling it at the head office.

With the Abu Dhabi branches and other new concepts (children’s salon), we are not able to maintain it out of our head office any longer. What better solution than to go with reputable professionals who have the right infrastructure and know how to facilitate this process efficiently?

We tend to partner with the ‘best’ companies and suppliers in the industry – and for us that means Mohebi Logistics. They are very important for us and will prove to be the best decision any beauty provider could hope for. We’re inspired by their state-of-the- art premises and high standards and want to emulate them.

What benefits do you foresee in working with Mohebi Logistics?

We anticipate a much smoother and more efficient process of product supply to our individual locations in the UAE. We’ll be able to cut down on our own transportation/delivery system from our head office and continue to have full access to our stock when needed, through weekly reports.