Dubai Police stops Mohebi Logistics driver and pays him 1000 Dirhams!

Unus Majeed wins in 2014 Porsche Road Star Contest

When was the last time that a traffic policeman stopped you and gave you money rather than fining you? Never! Yet this happened last month (October 2014) in Dubai.

Unus Majeed is one of our dedicated drivers at Mohebi Logistics. He prides himself on his safety record, so he was surprised to be recently pulled over by the Dubai Police.

Pleasant surprise
“There I was, driving my truck around Bur Juman, when I saw a police car tailgating me and two other cars. I got scared – did I do anything wrong? Then I saw the policeman approaching me and smiling. He told me ‘Congratulations, you’re a safe driver and a winner in the 2014 Porsche Road Star Contest. Here’s your prize of Dh 1,000 ($272) and a Certificate.’ I was speechless.”

The Contest, launched over a decade and a half ago in the Dubai and Sharjah Emirates, has seen thousands of drivers win one of the ten awards issued daily. It’s a positive step to encourage better road sense and safety when driving behaviour is still very poor.

According to statistics, 98% of children in the UAE are not restrained when they travel in a car and nearly 70% of all childhood deaths are caused by road traffic injuries.*

Doing it right
So what catches the police’s attention? The principles of good driving include wearing seat belts, using child safety seats, using indicators and hands-free mobiles, observing lane discipline and displaying courtesy in addition to staying within the prescribed speed limits.

So well done, Unus. You were one of ten drivers in Dubai selected that day for a prize. Here’s hoping that other Mohebi Logistics drivers get recognition too in the future.

* UAE Government Statistics

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