Emerging Markets Logistics Index for 2014

Middle East countries have strong performance and potential, according to this influential report. 

The new Index, published in January by Agility Global Integrated Logistics and Transport Intelligence, surveyed over 800 logistics professionals to assess the near-term logistics market potential of 45 emerging nations for investors.

Factors for evaluation included the country’s economic data, social indicators and transport infrastructure. In the area of ‘market compatibility’ (favourability of business and trade conditions), Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan occupied the top six positions.

Saudi Arabia showed the strongest ranking in improvement, climbing from 9th to 3rd position. Much is due to the Saudi Leadership’s massive investment in roads, ports, bridges and rail. The UAE was singled out for its position as the primary logistics hub for the Middle East and for being home to world-class transportation infrastructure.

The UAE, like Saudi Arabia, is the preferred location for businesses expanding into Africa. The Index also enumerated factors that inhibit the operational aspects of providing logistics services in emerging markets. These included poor transportation infrastructure, administrative constraints (‘red tape’), overall government policies and security issues. Clearly in the leading countries, these points have been well resolved.

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