Mohebi Logistics hosts Compass Group international procurement forum

Mohebi Logistics recently shared ideas with over 30 international managers from the Compass Group about how to achieve a superior third-party supply chain structure.

During March, Mohebi Logistics hosted a business forum for the Compass Group at its Jebel Ali Free Zone headquarters. The seminar dealt with Procurement in Fast-Growing and Emerging Markets and attracted over 30 Compass delegates from Saudi Arabia, India, Africa, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East.

The forum’s primary objective was to share best practices about managing the supply chain and to engage in joint consultation of Compass plans for the coming year.

John Dunmall, Compass Group Procurement Director International, explained: “We came together to develop strategies that would allow us to maximize Compass’s global power and presence in order to attain a better supply chain and achieve more favourable buying rates. It makes greater sense to use our global economies of scale than to let each country simply use its local sources”.

The forum also provided an ideal platform for discussing all-important Health, Safety and Quality issues, ensuring strict adherence to HSEQ standards and benefiting from delegates’ expertise and knowledge in these fields.

Mohebi Logistics used the opportunity of the Compass International Procurement Forum to present its services and facilities to delegates and share inputs with them about planning 3rd party de-coupled supply chains.