Mohebi Logistics joins Dubai’s e-commerce hub ‘Matajircom’

Mohebi Logistics is partnering with Economic Zones World (EZW), who together with Dubai Customs is developing the world’s first e-commerce hub, named ‘Matajircom’.

This service, to be headquartered in Dubai’s TechnoPark and due to become operational by mid 2015, is aligned with the vision of UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for a knowledge economy.

Matajircom will provide businesses with a one-stop around-the-clock gateway to multiple services: goods fulfillment, financial gateways, storefront development, e-marketplace platforms, call centres, customs procedures, business leasing and licensing procedures, customer support and more.

Adil Al Zarooni, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Jafza, explains the background to this initiative and its importance for the Logistics landscape.

Adil Al Zarooni_resize_resizeAdil Al Zarooni


How did the Matajircom initiative come about?
Matajircom is driven by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to transform Dubai into a smart city.

As a competitive market, Dubai has always been the breeding ground for growth and innovation, and by capitalizing on the phenomenal growth of ecommerce around the globe, Economic Zones World is taking the Dubai’s world-class technological and logistics infrastructure a step further by creating a single hub for electronic commerce in the region. It’s bringing together all key actors to create an unmatched collaborative effort for the growth and development of ecommerce.

What is the biggest benefit that Matajircom brings?
Matajircom is a symbiotic eco-system which brings together all players to partner and collaborate with each other, creating unmatched synergy for companies looking to initiate online trade. With minimum investment, a company can effortlessly locate customers, suppliers, most suitable business partners, and leverage from efficient logistics facilities with utmost precision.

Do you see it as a game-changer for trade in the UAE?
The initiative is certainly a game-changer, as it transforms trade and retail into a smart platform by co-locating all the key players in the field in a purpose-built hub.

The synergy and collaborative partnerships formed within Matajircom will not only allow companies looking to start online trade in a cost effective manner, but will also provide all facets of successful business development in a one-stop environment. This model fundamentally changes trade in the UAE from a physical marketplace to a digital one.

How will Jafza be involved with the project?
The Matajircom hub is based in Technopark, a sister company of Jafza under Economic Zones World. The initiative utilizes Jafza’s unsurpassed expertise in developing logistics and licensing infrastructure and its established relations with the government in order to facilitate businesses setting up at Matajircom.