Mohebi Logistics upholds quality in procurement policy

Paul Feeney, Head of Sourcing and Development at Mohebi Logistics, used his presentation at a recent procurement conference to underline the company’s commitment to top quality standards.

The Hotel News ME Procurement Conference held in Dubai in October 2015 attracted procurement professionals, purchasing managers and directors from across the MENA region to discuss evolving procurement practices and new opportunities. Hotel business in the Middle East is expanding rapidly with over 175,000 rooms currently under construction.

In the second expert session at the Conference, Paul Feeney examined to what extent new software solutions simplify the buying process. He focused on the essential need for ongoing quality control. He pointed out that this can only be achieved through an ongoing and mutually-dependant relationship with suppliers. “There’s no substitute for supplier visits and audits”, he said.

Paul added that logistics companies such as Mohebi base themselves on quality from the start and are prepared to meet that cost. Suppliers are filtered according to the way they work and the work practices that they apply.

By using quality management systems, Paul said, responsible logistics companies can secure the satisfaction of end customers and protect the brands under their care.

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