“The job isn’t finished until the quality is checked”
Paul Feeney

At Mohebi Logistics we always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients’ brands have a safe and secure supply chain. We take care of the details so that they don’t have to.

Due to the wide scope of our work – from quick service restaurants, to food manufacturers, beauty salons and five star hotels – we’ve developed a number of best practices. We’d like to share these with you.

  • Plan for surprises – look for all the links in the supply chain from the moment you receive the goods until you finally release them. Are they all well-coordinated?
  • Go beyond the minimum required – there’s the statutory minimum required by law and there are personal professional standards. These are the ones to follow. Ensure that your QC specialists document all critical points in the supply chain.
  • Keep a precise document trail – whenever there’s a problem, there will be circumstances around it and a specific solution to apply. Track all this so that the same future problem is avoided.

Assuring quality is more than just ensuring the product is well handled.

You need to know how it got there and why. The supply chain and product selection affects the environment because it impacts food safety, use of resources, costs and the end-user experience.

For all these reasons, you need to check constantly that your organization’s needs and commitments are being met.

About Paul Feeney

Paul is Head of Sourcing and Development. Prior to joining Mohebi Logistics he worked for the McDonalds chain and for NATO and the UN on the supply of quality food. He started his career as an accountant in food manufacturing companies but discovered that his true passion was dealing with the processes for selecting and purchasing quality foods.

This focus led him to the world’s largest caterer, the Compass Group. After managing their procurement teams, Paul moved into developmental roles that saw a fresh approach to the Compass’s distribution and consumption models. He also looked at how the performance and resilience of the supply chain was evaluated.

His precise and methodical nature, which attracted him to accountancy, has proven invaluable in his quest for achieving cost savings and enhancing the performance of the complete supply chain.