Timeline along the Mohebi Logistics journey

Mohebi Logistics has come a long way in seven years. The company started with 33,000 pallet positions back in 2008, a number that is soon to increase to 250,000.

Activities have expanded not just to other GCC countries but to India and South Africa as well. In June 2015 Mohebi Logistics celebrated the ground-breaking of its new warehousing facility and headquarters at Dubai World Central.

Here’s a visual timeline along the Mohebi Logistics journey:

2008 – Establish operations in Jafza South facility
2008 (crop)_resize

2009 – Start of Jafza South Phase 2 construction
2009_resize (crop)

2010 – Continuation of Jafza South development
2010 crop (crop)

2011 – Jafza South Phase 2 operation kicks off
2011 crop (crop)

2012 – ML-DWC agreement signed off
2012 crop1

2013 – Expand into India; Enter new vertical hotel industry
2013 crop (crop)

2014 – Expand into South African market; Enter new vertical fashion industry
2014_resize (crop)

2015 – Break ground on new logistics centre at DWC Phase 1 warehouse and corporate offices
2015_resize crop