UAE food imports to quadruple in 10 years

His Excellency Sultan Al Mansouri, the UAE Minister of Economy, stated at the recent Annual Investment Meeting 2015 (AIM) that the UAE’s food imports are expected to rise from AED 367 billion (US$100 billion) in 2014 to AED 1468 billion (US$400 billion) in the next decade.

Due to the fact that the country imports 85% of its food, the government plans to develop farmland in other countries with arable land to secure food supplies amid rising demand.

Currently, the UAE has invested in agro-food in Namibia, South Africa and in several Arabic countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan and Egypt. Morocco is identified as one of the lead candidates due to its available resources, with UAE investments there already totaling AED 73.4 billion (US$20 billion).