One of the most progressive retail logistics companies

CEO Mohammed Mohebi’s extensive FMCG experience dates back to his family lineage, as one of the first players in the FMCG arena in the UAE.

Focused on enduring business relationships

A steadfast commitment to excellence and customer service, together with an energetic development programme, has made Mohebi Logistics one of the most respected and dynamic logistics management companies in the MENA region.

Many multi-national manufacturers and retailers have joined us and become long-standing clients. For their brands we deliver regional distribution solutions and handle several thousand SKUs.

Going beyond the expected

As a vertically-integrated supply chain management specialist, we extend our activities beyond storage and transportation. To support our clients’ long-range marketing objectives, we cover every aspect of logistics activity. This includes product forecasting, sourcing, purchasing, and inventory management as well as all aspects of freight management.

Solid and steady growth

Mohebi Logistics is today one of the leading supply chain specialists for food industry manufacturers and FMCG companies in the Middle East – and growing steadily.

From 33,000 pallet positions in 2008 at our Jafza bonded facility, to a total of 250,000 with our non-bonded facility in Dubai South, Mohebi Logistics’ infrastructure growth has more than doubled in capacity.

For our global partners, infrastructure of this size represents new possibilities as they seek to enlarge their regional markets.

Stimulating personal ambition

Much of the company’s success is finding and retaining a high calibre of personnel. We have enjoyed an extraordinary degree of loyalty from our teams, who know that with us their careers will blossom.

Staff levels at Mohebi Logistics have grown by 300% from 300 in 2010 to over 1000 employees today – a direct result of our growth in the local 3PL industry. Many in the original team are still with us, serving as role models for the attention to detail and high client satisfaction levels that guide our daily operations.

CEO Mohammed Mohebi sets the management tone when he says: “If you do something with the right intention, it comes back to you – people will go the extra mile for you.”