Dubai South surging ahead

The new Dubai South complex (formerly called Dubai World Central) is the rising star on the UAE logistics scene.

Within the city, Dubai South is supplying much needed Grade A European-quality warehouse facilities. These are in great
demand by FMCG logistics, e-commerce and general trading sectors.

It is supplying much-needed Grade A European-quality warehouse facilities – in great demand by FMCG logistics, e-commerce and general trading sectors.

Current demand by location (sq.ft), UAE

In a recent survey conducted by international real estate brokers Knight Frank, this was the most requested location for industrial space (74%) in the UAE.  Mohebi Logistics’ client Nestlé established their new central warehouse in Dubai South,

This huge development, planned to cover 145 square kilometres, will be the ultimate master-planned city – the preferred place to live, work and invest. It is set to become a pivotal hub in the global economy.

All this is taking place as Dubai continues to expand. By Expo 2020 its population is expected to reach 3.1 million. This growth will assure robust demand for real estate and many other services.