Gearing up for the next decade

“We’re excited about expanding in the GCC region and going beyond our borders.” 

Speaking at the recent Mohebi Logistics 10th anniversary Staff Day celebration, CEO Mohammed Mohebi was upbeat about the company’s expansion plans:

“We have experienced extraordinary growth since we began our operations a decade ago. The ‘Original 66’ recruited in 2008 (and still with us) have now become part of a 1000+ workforce that will help us towards new achievements in 2018.”

The Staff Day Out 2017 event transcended its primary purpose as a joyous corporate occasion by strengthening the values and ‘esprit de corps’ embraced by every employee. These motivators have contributed to Mohebi Logistics’ reputation as a leading Emirati FMCG 3PL with a record of consistent market performance.

Members of the Original 66

Mohebi Logistics’ strong ‘family’ approach, also shared with customers and suppliers, has stimulated many achievements.

2008-2017 milestones

  • Becoming one of the pre-eminent FMCG logistics 3PLs in the Gulf
  • Gaining the support and business of global brand names such as Nestlé, L’Oréal and McDonalds
  • Moving into Dubai South and doubling storage capacity
  • Expanding into India and South Africa

A unique family gathering

In early November, we hosted Staff Day Out 2017 a special event for 1000+ Mohebi Logistics team members.

Travelling in over 150 SUVs to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, everyone enjoyed an exciting day packed with contests, entertainment, 4X4 desert rides, raffle prizes and a sumptuous Arabic feast.

CEO Mohammed Mohebi used the occasion to share the management’s vision of future opportunities. He predicted that 2018 will see a period of accelerated growth, both within the GCC and also beyond its borders.