Mohebi Logistics to host Saudi trainees

The Saudi branch of WiLAT (Women in Logistics and Transport) and MELI (Middle East Logistics Institute for Training – also Saudi-based) are planning a UAE tour and Mohebi Logistics will be one of their hosts.

Male and female trainees will be visiting leading supply chain companies around the country. The particular interest of WiLAT and MELI in our organization is due to our progress in attracting women to our workforce as well as our FMCG experience. Their students will learn first-hand about our work practices and procedures.

WiLAT has made great strides since it was launched in 2013 by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

By 2014 the organization was already active in 14 countries and this coverage has spread to 21 countries today.

MELI’s goal is to develop globally competitive logistics capacities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Focused on the ‘learning by doing’ method, MELI has provided equal opportunities for men and women since its establishment in 2010, working mainly in the Logistics and Supply Chain field.