Over the decades that the Mohebi organization has been connected with the marketing of FMCG products in the Gulf region, our prime goal has been to stimulate sales.

The wide scope of expertise available within our organization is applied for the benefit of our local and international clients. The Mohebi Logistics Network comprises the Alpha Team (dealing directly with supply chain issues) and consultants.

Doing business with the Mohebi Logistics Network means:

Having a full overview

Consulting with a broad-based enterprise such as the Mohebi Logistics Network gives you access to a rich body of collective expertise and best practices for our region.

Using centres of excellence

Work with the experts you need – in supply chain management, the wholesaling of food and non-food products, freight management, import and export procedures, and air and sea shipping.

Achieving high coordination

Our specialists reside within the same family of companies. They are well-tuned to working closely together on innovative market approaches.

Looking ahead of the game

The Mohebi Logistics Network helps you to be prepared. We place great emphasis on understanding market movements, providing detailed reports and being prepared to act ahead of the competition.