Our warehouse gets that special touch

At Mohebi Logistics we know the advantages that women bring to the workplace. Today they’re joining us in increasing numbers, in many positions, contributing their special talents to help solidify our performance.


‘Professionalism opens the door’ 
Luzmila Alvarez Vera
QHSE Manager
 “Show professionalism and you  have an open door. Working at Mohebi Logistics is challenging and enriching. I’m using my skills to transform best practices into action.”

‘I’m empowered to use my skills’ 
Judy Tersol
L’Oréal Operations
“It was a first for me in logistics and quite an experience so far. I’m empowered to use my multi-tasking and organizational skills for our department’s success.”

‘It feels good when the output is successful’ 
Jobit Babu
L’Oréal Customer Service
 “It was scary initially to be in logistics. Over time things got smoother since everyone works in harmony. It feels good when the output is successful.”

‘We’re doing it as well as the men’ 
Jeneryn Nicolas
Admin Coordinator
“It’s fun and challenging here and I’m glad to get support from my manager and colleagues. They see that we’re doing it as well as the men.”