Upholding the ‘quality’ benchmark in OC

‘Operational Compliance’ (OC) may seem a dry concept but in fact it covers a wide range of dynamic activities in Logistics. Jonathan Guyer, Head of Operational Compliance at Mohebi Logistics, explains their function in attaining better performance across the board.

Many believe that Operational Compliance relates solely to the attainment and adherence to ISO standards, but it’s actually much more than that. It envelopes and touches everything we do in our daily working lives as we strive to set the benchmark against which we compare ourselves to our competitors.

What is compliance all about?
Essentially, compliance is the initiative to modernize systems and processes so that all key business and operational team members can access essential measurements, visibilities and key knowledge. It eliminates wasteful practices and allows us to target and drive areas for improvement. Support services such as Transport, Facilities, QHSE, IT and HR also become more productive with OC.

Having pride in our assets
Aligning with clients who work to impeccable industry standards is never easy. It cannot be achieved unless the supporting infrastructure in a business is subject to the same standards as service delivery and work methods. At Mohebi Logistics we relate to our buildings and vehicles as a window to our business partners and the public at large. They are the visible and tangible representation of our standards. We therefore maintain these assets at the highest levels.

Keeping people safe and healthy
Every responsible business needs to place occupational safety high on the agenda. Much more than just an annual administrative task, it’s about ensuring that all staff embrace such standards on a daily basis, watching out for each other and taking pride in and working continually towards a culture of an incident-free and safe working environment.

A sustainable business approach
We ensure the sustainability of our business by meeting our clients’ expectations of Operational Compliance. Their standards are ours – and not just for service delivery.

Whether it’s Good Warehousing practice, environmental standards or commitment to health and safety, we partner with them on multiple levels. Driving towards the highest of reference standards is the factor that sets us apart. It’s why we’re often chosen from the outset.