What’s next in Cold Chain innovation?

LogiSYM, a major magazine serving the supply chain industry in the Gulf and in Asia, recently hosted an Interactive Panel Discussion in Dubai about Cold Chain developments.

The event was entitled ‘The next frontier in Cold Chain logistics and excellence within temperature-sensitive supply chains’. The focus was on Perishables, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences.

Leading figures in the logistics industry made up the discussion panel and raised numerous issues facing the industry today. These included:

• Upcoming trends in Cold Chain warehousing
• Energy efficiency and temperature-sensitive packaging
• Streamline temperature management throughout the distribution chain
• Best standards for warehouse designs and quality control systems
• Ways to reduce food losses in developing and emerging economies

The speakers agreed that many different technologies are converging under the umbrella of multiple-channel monitoring systems. Such convergence initiatives are becoming commonplace.

The increased inflow of data from elements such as virtual devices, sensors within facilities and in-vehicle systems allow managers to more effectively pre-empt a likely risk or resolve it rapidly if it occurs.

In countries where the logistics infrastructure is weak, governments and local authorities are being encouraged by supply chain specialists to play a greater guiding role.

Panel members discussing Cold Chain Innovation included: Phil Showering, Chief Operating Officer at Mohebi Logistics; Joe Lombardo, Director of Project and Performance Management at ESP Consult and Mark Skipper, Chairman of the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA).